Saturday, June 6, 2009

Damned doing motion graphic now , its very very stress because we dont have much time . Presentation is on tuesday(Im Dead) and i dont have much experience in it, it's only 5th week and we have to do our presentation zzz. Now i'm stuck in this freakin frame how sial~ T_T

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My first studio lighting attempt

Thanks to Jeng Chyuan, because of you i accomplish my portrait mission and thank you for your time too.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Web Analysis II

Project Concept Proposal

Project definition
This project is about redesign the website of the client, Pets Wonderland. For the index page, it contains some of the links of the product and stuff. a lot of information mainly are Pop outs.

Current Site’s Analysis Goals
This site is for provide information. For example, location, contacts, products, service and promotions. The area that need improvement is the main page. Which is contain too much of information that user did not know where to focus.

Client’s Analysis
Founders of Pets Wonderland is Mr Chew Boon Kee. He notice that most of the pet store only selling pets/animals. The first Pets Wonderland outlet was opened in 2001 in MidValley Megamall occupying a floor space of 8,000 square feet, perhaps the largest pet store in Asia at that time. The Pets Wonderland job application form states, “Only pet lovers need apply”

The selling point of this client is, it have pet store with fish, dogs, cats, small animals and related food and accessories with over 15,000 products. Other than selling products, they also provide grooming service.

Short & Long-term Site Goals
Some of the info in the main page can be change such as promotion items , the latest news and pictures. In order to attract customer's attraction we must some how design the banner better and eye catchy, Informations that cannot be change is the history of the client.

Target Audience
Mainly target audience are pet lovers, for a pet lover they will check out the website every now and then for new product and promos even members can discuss their matter in the forum itself.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Vega Synergy Dinner 23/1/2009

Spectacular view from the inside..

Sleepy Bro..zz

Chinese knows best LOL best suckling pig ever..

Shark Fin Soup

Lou Sang ( AWESOME )

From Left : Bro , Dad and his partner

I just had an awesome dinner at Royal China ( Jln Ampang's Tai Thung) rated best tai thung in W.M'sia because the master chef from the 1st tai thung is there , Dad know them for almost 10-15 yrs already and he's their regular supporter too =D he sometimes eat Dim Sum for free LOL.. Anyway these are some pictures that i took.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Photo Shooting 01| KL

Jco aka. (Toy) buay song liao XD

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Web Design II - URL and Analysis

1) Client's Website
Pets wonderland |
  • Too many stuff , and it's a bit messy / complicated
  • Don't have a particular stand out corner that I will click and read more about it.
  • The site itself is too boring to read

2) Competitor's Site

Petsmart |
  • Well sorted , everything is easy to look for
  • Design can be better than that..
  • Cool store locator , a very detail map that you can look for.

The Pet Shop |
  • The site it's abit boring and small, may be it is established way before the mass internet usage era
  • Too little varieties

The Pet Family |
  • Clean and tidy
  • Easy for user to navigate
  • A decent website look
Pet store |
  • A well sorted site with cool "Learn More" button that I can really read it and learn how things work.
  • The design is way too boring , could have done better.
3)Beautiful Commercial websites

Porsche |
  • Clean & Tidy
  • A very new era kind of website that can sell itself
  • Awesome flash

Honda Legend |
  • Awesome flash navigations
  • Solid 3D look of the car
  • Nice angle mixture with 3D and a little bit of video
Coca-Cola ZERO |
  • Nice 3D character
  • Awesome flash game , I actually like the game
  • Another site that can sell itself by not reading the detail of the product

Nvidia - Speak Visual™ |
  • Very nice flash navigations
  • Cool 3D effects and some pop out effects too

Friday, January 9, 2009

Joshua's 21st B'day party

LOL.. joshua u're LEGAL in everything now man how cool is that! Awesome night party, well not that much varieties of food last night :/ but it's still fun!! after dinner we quickly rush to Euphoria, awesome sound system i can say... :D here's a short vid clip from the party